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While we can't guarantee that we can recover lost money or items, your information can help alert Inspectors to problem areas and possibly prevent other people from being victimized. The US Postal Inspector Service is the federal law enforcement agency of the US Postal Service. Its Special Agents are called Postal Inspectors and enforce statutes involving fraudulent use of the U.S. Mail as well as Money Laundering, ID Theft, Controlled Substances, Child Pornography. De senaste tweetarna från @uspis_chi We may disclose your information as follows: in relevant legal proceedings; to law enforcement when the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or requesting agency becomes aware of a violation of law; to a congressional office at your request; to entities or individuals under contract with USPS (service providers); to entities authorized to perform audits; to labor organizations as required by law; to A postal inspector will investigate instances of mail fraud. While first-class letters and packages are protected against search and seizure due to the 4th Amendment, if a postal inspector believes that there is a reason to open someone’s mail, they can get a search warrant. Other mail can be opened without a warrant because it’s not 2016-01-31 · In 1829, Preston Loughborough was appointed as the first U.S. Chief Postal Inspector in charge of directing and strategic planning of postal special agents (USPS, 2016). Postal special agents were responsible to protect the mail on steamboats, stagecoaches, railroads, and postal offices (USPS, 2016).

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The State of Georgia Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is charged with fostering and promoting accountability and integrity in state government. Key to pu. 8 Jul 2020 The U.S. Postal Inspection Service has closed its investigation into the alleged hate mail actor Jussie Smollett received in 2019. The racist and  27 Apr 2015 US Postal Inspectors work to keep alcohol from reaching local option communities in the mail. Image from USPIS. Citizens in.

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The Postal Inspectors, Postal Police and Professional, Technical and Administrative staff of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service work hard every day to protec AboutPressCopyrightContact Postal inspectors are federal law enforcement agents responsible for enforcing more than 200 federal statutes that deal with the Postal Service and the U.S. mail. 01:35 I am Postal Inspector Tom Noise. 01:38 I am Phil Berbit Postal Inspector. 01:40 I am Postal Inspector Kim Orland, Fraud Inspector.

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Adress or send an e-mail to They also offer service and inspection. They are also an inspector of life saving equipment. Address: Sitio dos Barrabés, Armazem Nave Y, Caixa Postal 908-Z, 8150-016 São  It's going to inspire you. Email Address. Abonnieren!

Cryptocurrency or virtual currency, such as Bitcoin, is a decentralized, network-based Read More The Postal Inspection Service supports and protects the Postal Service, its employees, infrastructure, and customers by enforcing federal laws that defend the mail system from illegal or dangerous use. Cryptocurrency or virtual currency, such as Bitcoin, is a decentralized, network-based Read More 2016-09-21 2019-10-17 2020-11-24 U.S. Postal Inspection Service The U.S. Postal Inspection Service supports and protects the U.S. Postal Service and its customers by enforcing the laws that defend the nation’s mail system from illegal or … 2019-03-05 Postal Inspectors — authorized by Congress to enforce nearly 200 federal statutes related to crimes involving the U.S. Mail and postal system — safeguard every aspect of the mail.
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2021-04-14 · FBI, Postal inspector looking into suspicious mail sent to Houston Jewelry HOUSTON – The United States Postal Inspection Service, the Houston Police Department and the Houston Fire Department How Can the Postal Service Increase Manual Mail Processing Efficiency? Mail is processed manually when its dimensions or address quality prevent it from being processed automatically. Processing mail manually has significantly lower productivity than processing mail on automated mail processing equipment.

Name  Office of Inspector General 900 Bagby, 4th Floor Houston, Texas 77002. OIG Hotline: (832) 394-5100. Administration: (832) 393-6509. MAILING ADDRESS Australia Post; StarTrack; FedEx Australia (if a complaint relates to something that happened before 1 April 2021); Cheque-Mates; D and D Mailing Services.
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We've determined that 50.6% of postal inspectors have a bachelor's degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 30.4% of postal inspectors have master's degrees.